How does it work?

Your request will be forwarded to all Pilates instructors trained and certified by Ann McMillan Pilates. When an instructor is interested, they will contact you; however, results are not guaranteed and it is possible that you do not hear from any instructors. Ann McMillan Pilates will not follow up or check on instructor requests.

Price, frequency and other conditions should be negotiated directly between you and your instructor.

By sending us a request for an instructor, you accept that your email address will be sent to all our graduates.

Ann McMillan Pilates Certified Instructors

For many years Ann McMillan Pilates has been offering a comprehensive Pilates instructor training program . We have trained and certified instructors in the AMP Method from all parts of Quebec and from as far as Europe. Our graduates have followed rigorous training and passed all certification exams in the program. Perhaps you can find an instructor near you!

Your Request:

In order to maximize your chances of finding an instructor, please include as much relevant information as possible, i.e.:

– Name

– Telephone number and best time to call you

– City

– Type of training you are looking for: apparatus, mat, rehabilitation.

– Goals, if any: Ski, golf, dance

– Requested schedule

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